Annual Report

                Today is day of rejoicing, reflection and resolution. As we set foot into the 6th year we take pride in tracing our journey and presenting a feeling glimpse of our rich past. Starting with a great vision our visionary management created an environment which inspired, focused and committed, effort,encouraged and innovation and enterprise." Excellence is the watch world". 5 years back our foundation was laid, not just for building but also for realizing our goals and adjectives the fruitation of our effort was evidently seen in the initial years. Our school is a dream destination for students, teachers and parents alike. I wish to begin celebrating our success with an expression of gratitude to our illustrious management whose vision, wisdom and missionary zeal inspired all the stake holders to work with passion and commitment. We also remember with gratitude every one of those who walked along with us - every student, every faculty and every parent who contributed his or her best to build this edifice of excellence. While expressing our gratitude we must remember that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them. On this memorable occasion we re-dedicate ourselves with firm resolve to create a brilliant future. As someone so rightly said," In the right formation the flying power of many wings can achieve twice the distance of any bird flying alone". We owe every one of our achievements to team CMCIS. All these years’ team members may have changed. But the team sprit remains the same. The traditions of excellence continuous. We thank the almighty for bringing together the right people at the right time. Each endowed with unique strengths and talents united by a common cause. Our teaching faculty have continued to do their best in the last academic year. We started of the academic year with the inspection committee visiting our school during the month of April 2018 for the secondary school affiliation and successfully affiliated on 27-09-2018. I take pride in announcing that CMC International School received the certificate of excellence as E-Dac star performer appreciating our performance in academics. Awards does not end here we also received the Coimbatore City ICON award for the category of international schools in Coimbatore by Radio City. The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your mind participation in science, math and English Olympiad itself is the biggest competition. Our students outshined others. It infuses a healthy competitive spirit through reward based assessment. Oviya chelvi of grade VIII ranked first in English and was qualified for the second level. Riju vijay of grade IX stood first in English and received gold medal. The science Bheem raj of grade VIII and janani k.saravanan of grade IX received gold medals. Sakthi sundaram of grade VI was the gold medalist in mathematics. Byju's Academy conducted a IQ assessment in which Vismaiya of grade VI came out successful and took up the second level of the same. Grade 6 - 9 our children took part in the international science exhibition conducted at MDM future kids sulur and won the laurels to our school bagging 1st and 2nd place in various categories.



                Our workshops and seminar encourage new ideas and facilities innovation, experimentation knowledge, skills and personality development. A number of enrichment program for students and teachers were organized. Students underwent a workshop on managing teens and personality development during the month of June. Teachers were constantly trained in their subjects and class room management skills through CBSE trained faculty and the Coimbatore sahodaya schools complex.



                Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from unity. The students of the school are divided into 4 different houses

1. Arnithi

2. Arvi.

3. Arhini

4. Adithi

Each house is managed by teachers and students as a house captains vice captains and house perfects to inculcate leadership. Skills as we always believe on our motto

"Learn today and Lead Tomorrow".

To add this, a number of inter house competitions were held throughout the academic year inculcate discipline, and competitive spirit and also to bring out the hidden talents of the students.



                Live monitoring of classroom were introduced for the 1st time in our school, which helped parents to watch then children at anytime during the day. Parents of the senior classes were invited to watch live classroom programs through our new initiative ' try teach'. It has been remarked “the world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page. Students were taken for various trips and excursions. 50 students participated in the Mysore-belur E-trip and had a glimpse of our rich culture and heritage. Students of class 1 - 6 visited the traffic park during the month of October. Students from Mont to grade 9 visited. CMC Marine College for an insight into aeronautic and marine science. If the mind is intensely eager everything can be accomplished - mountains can be crumbled into atoms said swami Vivekananda. A number of activities and function were organized throughout the year to ensure that each child's unique potentials is brought out starting from the earth day environment day, father's day, Independence day, teacher's day, children's day, pongal, diwali, christmas etc., Our Mont children were busy planting onion saplings and herbal plants for the colour day celebration.

"If we cannot do great things we can do small things in a great way".

To make these words come true Grade I to 9 displayed their projects ability subjects. During the month of February all projects done in school through the year out of the materials available within the campus were displayed extensively. We thank the teachers and parents for the success of this event.



                To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If not keep on trying. Sports competitions inculcate the spirit of positive challenges and sportsmanship among the students and prepare them for the life ahead, sports and games and physical fitness occupy a place of importance in our curriculum. Our students actively participated indifferent sports competitions and won medals, certificates and trophies. Children participated in the junior & senior athletic meet conducted by Coimbatore sahodaya schools complex. The annual athletic meet was conducted during the month of November where our children show cased their sporting skills. The highlight of CMC International school was the exuberant participation of our students in the national, state level yoga competition.

Today CMCIS students are known throughout city for their excellence yoga display. The following students availed various levels prizes in yoga as follows:

1. Ramya Shree - Grade 4

2. Rishikesh Maity - Grade 6

3. Vishal R.V - Grade 7

4. Vijay K.S - Grade 6

5. Rithanya Lakshmi - Grade 3

6. Rikhil Suresh - Grade 5

7. Rohit Senthil - Grade 7

8. Pranesh.S - Grade 4

10. Sakthi Sundaram - Grade 6

11. Mithun Harsha - Grade 8

               Ram prakash and sanjay have also outshined in the national level skating competitions which added another further. To the cap of CMC International school. These students need special mention who have excelled and taken our school to heights.



"Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever".

                In keeping with this schools policy of continuous up gradation of knowledge and skills periodic assessments were conducted and followed by regular open houses to improve academic capacities and skills of children. CMC App was successfully started and followed by updating house works, class works, attendance of students and also the suggestions from parents. For the upcoming year we are committed to provide quality education and assure to bring enhancement among student’s skills through Jude academy for training into professional courses and also to provide multiple language program by providence Hindi Sabah exams and French being introduced. Our aim is to be one of the leading schools in the city to provide character and ethical leadership in our students in pursuit for excellence. Let us remember till eternity. These hours of togetherness as we learn today and lead tomorrow.